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  If you came here searching for porn I suggest you move on. NOT that there's anything wrong with porn it's just not here in this small, tiny website. I recommend searching the other 99.9998% of the world wide web. 'cause that's where you'll find it. My site will still be here when you're finished. Plus, I think you'll be able to focus better with all that pent up stress gone.

  Anyway, about my site. If you look to your left you'll find the handy content bar. Move your mouse thingy over the different items listed and you'll be magically whisked to other parts of my site. I suggest going to My Story and read my bio. I know it's a little long and grossly incomplete but it's personal (duh! it's a bio!) and has been surprisingly therapeutic to write.

  The other sections contain the web log archives, my movie inventory and a link to e-mail if you want to drop me a line.

  Be a nice person and sign my guestbook! Sit a spell and take your shoes off and say "Howdy Y'all!" or don't and just sign the thing. You'll find the link at the bottom of this very page.


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don't touch me!!!

 12/17/03 - Going away for a while....

   Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that you won't see any updates for a while. It should be obvious since there hasn't been an update on here since October. My work and home responsibilities have gotten high so updating this site has become too much of a chore. Feel free to enjoy the archives and who knows I may get a wild hair to start again. If I have your email address I'll let you know.

  I should be updating the collection page because I use it to organize my DVD collection. 

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